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8 AM to 5 PM (Last Car Taken At 4:45 PM)

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About Us

Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is a futuristic facility where quality washes are what we do best. We are locally owned and operated so we want to grow with our community by our side. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with quality service, Eco-friendly technology, at low prices. We are here when you need us! With convenient hours, lightning fast 100% Hand Wash service, cheap monthly rates, we make it easy for everyone to enjoy a clean ride.

Environmentally Conscious

We use the one of the best conservation systems in the industry filtering & reducing our water use everyday. We chose to take this approach as part of our overall environmental sustainability goals. In addition, our products are Eco-friendly. We pride ourselves not just on being an example in the industry, but also because of our sustainability efforts. Our commitment to keeping our community safe is our mission while providing quality service.


Foamy Car Wash reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The products in all Wash Packages displayed on the menu may vary by brand & are subject to availability. All Wash Package features & prices are subject to change without notice. Please be aware Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is not responsible for collisions caused by braking or driving in the wash tunnel. We take pride in the safety and routine maintenance of our wash equipment. Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is not responsible for damage to any non factory installed items, wheel covers or caps, windshield crack expansion, loose vehicle equipment or trim, bug shields, antennas, wiper blades, spoilers, roof racks, emblems or badges, and side mirrors.

Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is not responsible for any possible damage to any vehicle older than 5 years. Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is not responsible for valuables left in vehicles or on site, convertible tops, plastic window covers, water damage from windows or sunroofs not rolled up, water damage due to leaks, pre-existing damage, altered or modified vehicles, antennas not lowered or removed by you, and damages to non-foldable or custom mirrors.

Foamy Car Wash Car Wash is not responsible for lockouts caused by alarms. Please turn off your alarm. Truck beds must be empty and clear of all debris. Regular washes will not remove hard water spots, bird waste, weather damage, tree sap, swirl marks and other environmental damages. We are not responsible for any damage claims after the vehicle has left the property.

Monthly Membership Contracts Can Only Be Canceled On Site. You Can Do So By Filling Out Cancellation Form 10 Days Prior To Next Bill Date, To Avoid Being Billed For Upcoming Month. No Exceptions


We Strive For Excellence!

We are constantly working to raise the bar on our services. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience, please let us know. Our staff will try to contact you as soon as possible!


Foamy Car Wash